Capsule Collection - March Edit, Part II

I'm really excited about these capsule collections.  They're so much fun for me to put together & honestly, it makes it so much easier for me to figure out what to wear when I do these.

A few key notes before we begin -- 

The idea of these collections is that you can EASILY find pieces that mix and match with items that you already own.  So as you're looking at the pieces I'll try and shout out items that I think you might have in your closet that would pair nicely (ex. those comfy jeans, the go-to black tee, etc.). 

These capsules build on each other, so you'll notice that we've styled some of these items with items that were in the last capsule collection.  That was on purpose! I want to give you guys value & to make sure that you know all of the different possibilities when you buy an article of clothing from us :)

Fashion should be fun, but it should also be easy.  There is nothing worse than standing in front of closet full of clothes feeling like you have nothing to wear. I want you to feel confident in the pieces that you're getting so that you can easily grab them in the morning, toss them on and feel confident.

With all of that said, let's JUMP in!

Camo Knit Joggers + Lightweight Grey Knit Sweater
First piece:  Camo Knit Joggers - Y'all these are SO GOOD. They're a woven knit pant & they could EASILY pair with SO MANY THINGS!

Things you have in your closet - anything black, grey or white.  Tees, tanks, sweaters, sweatshirts.  

I've paired it above with the Lightweight Grey Knit Sweater.  I also love it with the Blush Chenille Sweater from last week.  

Depending on the top you choose & where you're going, you can rock them with sandals, sneakers, or heels! 

These are easily worn year round, too!

Navy Biker Short + Blush Chenille Sweater

Item two:: Navy Biker Shorts!

I was SO skeptical of the biker short trend when it started last summer, but then I got a pair and now I am OBSESSED!

These are amazing for every day wear. Seriously, I lived in them last summer!

Okay, things you already have in your closet - oversized tee shirt, sweatshirt, pullover, if you're confident just a sports bra :) 

I'm rocking them in this photo with the Blush Chenille Sweater and the Basic Ivory Round Neck Tee from the last capsule collection.  Honestly the opportunities with these are endless.

Oh and if you're like me and you've got some thighs that maybe rub together a bit here and there.. these are perfection under a dress in the summer time :) 

 Black Harlem Shorts + Basic Ivory Round Neck Tee + Dolman Cardigan

Item three:: Black Harlem Shorts, which I realize you can hardly see, but my "Creative Director", Oscar Ries (age 6) said it was fine :)

Y'all these shorts are legging shorts, except they're more flattering than just cutting off a pair of leggings.  They're legging material, have a legging waistband, pockets and the most flattering pleats to hide that awkward in between area that no one wants to show off.

BEST part - they're under $20!

I'm rocking them with the Dolman Sleeve Cardigan & the Basic Ivory Round Neck Tee.  You literally could wear them with any tee shirt or tank top that you own. 

You honestly should probably get two, because you're going to live in them this summer.  

Sizing on these is a little wonky.  They come in S/M which fits a 0-12, L/XL which fits a 12-18 and CURVY which fits an 18-24. 

I'm a 10-12 and prefer the L/XL but if you've been around for a minute you know that I ALWAYS size up one in my shorts because I enjoy NOTHING about tight fitting shorts (minus biker shorts - those are the exception). 

Tie Dye Maxi

item four:: HELLO SUMMER MAXI! The Tie Dye Maxi Dress is the maxi dress your closet so desperately needs.  

It's French Terry material, meaning it's like a light weight sweatpants dress. It has pockets and the cutest side slits.

Wear it as it is, our pair it with a number of different items.  My favorite is tossing the Lightweight Grey Knit Sweater over the top for a fun boho look.

Tie Dye Maxi + Lightweight Grey Knit Sweater

Item five:: The Lightweight Grey Knit Sweater 

Y'all I am OBSESSED with this sweater.  It's so cute and so comfy and honestly it's perfect for spring & summer.

You'll notice the model on the website is rocking it with jean shorts.  It looks UBER cute with jeans (light or dark washed). I love it over a dress like above. I also think it's great with the biker shorts or the joggers, too. 

The point is its grey and it's INCREDIBLY versatile. 

Also, while it fits very true to size don't be afraid to size up one and rock it off the shoulder!

Mauve Button Dress

Item six:: Mauve Button Dress

You guys this dress is heaven on its own.  Part linen & part cotton.  It's so soft and comfortable and I am just absolutely in love. 

Depending on where you're going this dress can be worn with wedges, sandals or sneakers. 

I absolutely love it with the Dolman Sleeve Cardigan.

So there you have it.  The 6 items that make up the March Edit, Part II are live & I couldn't be more excited. Check all of the items out here.

Also, see below for a few more graphics to give you a few more styling ideas :)

Black Harlem Shorts Camo Woven Joggers Lightweight Grey Knit SweaterMauve Button DressNavy Biker ShortsTie Dye Maxi Dress

Stay tuned for April, because we have some BIG things planned.


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