January Favorites!

My favorite posts from any blog that I read are always their favorite things posts. There's something about hearing someone else's personal experience that makes purchasing a product so much easier.
I've listed my favorite/most used items for this month below. I've also tried to link them below so if you're interested you can easily grab them. In an effort to be truly transparent, many of the links are back to our own shop or are affiliate links. That means by grabbing items directly from these links you're helping support or small business and our family. Thanks in advance :)
1. Where the Crawdads Sing - I'll talk more about this book in my book review dropping in a few days, but I read this book in a day. Such a good story & really reminded me of how much I loved reading. If you're look to get back into reading I highly recommend this book!
2. Zyia Bomber Bra - I've been working really hard on my fitness this month & this sports bra is my ABSOLUTE favorite. I'm embarrassed to say, but before I reinvested in new sports bras, I was rocking the same ones from college.. yikes. These are comfy, supportive and come in a TON of great color options! I've linked the black up top, but I'll drop the link to our Zyia site below so you can shop all of the things.
3. Zyia Light N Tight Leggings - Hands down the best workout leggings I've ever purchased. Every pair I've had until now I spend more time pulling them up than I do not. OR I'm doing some type of high intensity workout and I can't do the exact move because I've got to hold my pants up. These pants stay up with zero issues. I've worn them exclusively this month for every workout and I have had zero issues. I've linked the black above, but they come in a ton of different colors and fun patterns. The metallics are great as well!
To shop the entire Zyia collection CLICK HERE.
4. Instant Loss Cookbooks - My girlfriend introduced me to these cookbooks when we were looking for dairy free recipes for Oscar. We started with one cookbook and now we've got all three. If I'm cooking at home I find that I cook most of our meals from these cookbooks. The goal for using these books started as options that Oscar could eat but quickly we started realizing how much better we felt when we started eating cleaner. Everything we've made thus far we've really enjoyed.
Favorites for lunch: BLT Salad, Turkey Lettuce Wraps, and the Dump Chicken Salad.
Favorites for dinner: Classic Meatloaf, Sirloin Steak Strips with Mushroom & Balsamic Glaze, and the Marinated Fall-off-the-bone Herb Chicken.
5. Electric Tea Kettle - I've been trying really hard to drink more water & to really focus on hydrating. I've also tried really hard to snack less. I've found that by drinking hot green tea throughout the day it's helped me accomplish both. This tea kettle is the dream. I just flip the switch and in a few minutes I have hot water ready to poor into my tea cup. So easy to use in between conference calls or while trying to multitask!
6. Apple Watch - I've had an Apple Watch for a few years and I feel like I'm finally using it to it's max ability. I use it to track my sleep and my fitness. If I don't want to be attached to my phone I can scan texts and other messages as they come in to know if something is super important or if it can wait a bit. I can easily look up the weather, too! I've linked a more affordable option but obviously you can buy a lot fancier models, too!
7. 9 Week Control Freak Beachbody Workout - I'm going to do a separate blog about this, but this workout has been life changing for me. I know that sounds extreme, but it's true. I've always been the one to start a new program and then quit before its finished. I have all the excuses in the world as to why. With this program I can't wait to do the workouts each day. In a nutshell, its a 9 week program with 5 workouts a week. The workouts range from 18-30 minutes. They're hard but they also have modifications for those who are just getting back into fitness. Again, I'm going to talk more about this in a separate blog, but it's been one of my favorite things this month and its really helped me change my mindset. There's also a great nutrition program for those that are looking for that. I'm going to start a small challenge group in February for anyone who's interested in trying it out. I'd love for you to join me! To learn more just message me on Facebook or Instagram. You can also send me an email at lauren@shoplaurenandmike.com
If you want to bypass the group, or talking to me, and just want to get access to the workout here's the link to buy it.
If you go to the link on your own, I highly recommend the challenge pack (I bought the 9 Week Control Freak® Shakeology® Completion Pack when I signed up and its been great.). You do need the track and the ball to do the workouts currently. Next month they're laughing a program that doesn't require the track. You'll also need to pick up a step, I'll link the one I grabbed off Amazon below.
8. Diffuser - I'll probably blog about this more in the future because it deserves more than a paragraph, but we've really found a love the last few months with diffusing oils. If the kids are crazy, we've got a blend for that. If I'm feeling stressed, I've got a blend for that. If we're back in quarantine we've got a blend for that. I diffuse a kids safe lavender in the boys bedrooms at night and it makes bedtime go so much better because it's relaxing for them. We have a super reasonable diffuser available in the shop - click here to grab it.
If you're wanting to grab oils, too, I'd highly recommend grabbing a Young Living starter kit. It's a GREAT deal - like $400+ worth of products for $165. PLUS, it comes with both a diffuser & the top oils you need to get started.
Click here for the link to Young Living, after you sign up you'll have the option to pick a starter pack. Please note: there's no commitment to ever have to buy anything else.
9. White Coffee - If you're part of our Facebook community, you've heard us rave about our favorite coffee drink called the Tumbleweed. We discovered it this fall on our road trip to Colorado and its honestly the only coffee Michael will drink. Super easy to make the drink - 3-4 pumps of Carmel or Salted Carmel syrup, frothed milk (we prefer coconut milk) & then the white coffee all poured into a cup. Seriously, delicious!
10. The Beckridge Water Bottle - Y'all this is my FAVORITE water bottle & easily our most popular water bottle of all time in the shop. It has two great size options. It keeps your water extra cold for an extended period of time and it has the coolest hidden straw. It comes in a variety of colors and is seriously the best water bottle you will ever own. You can snag it here!
So there you have it, ten of my favorite/most used products in January. If you have any questions about any of them please just holler!
I'd love to hear what your favorite products have been in January! Leave me a note so I can try them out! XO

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