New Year, New You?

For the last four+ years I've always declared that the next year was going to be my BEST YEAR EVER! It was going to be the year where I ate perfectly, exercised daily, saved all of my money, bought nothing, read everything, journaled daily, spent quality time each day with each of my kids INDIVIDUALLY, basically I was becoming perfection.
By the second week of January, I'm literally hanging on by a string, and in an effort to not completely lose all of my marbles I'll say "F it", pour myself a HUGE glass of wine, order a pizza, breadsticks and some cookies and go to town. The next morning, I wake up angry with myself that I had one little misstep and slowly I'm spiraling out of control.
The truth is all of goals are crazy vague, "I want to lose weight." "I want to eat better." "I want to save more money"
Nothing is concrete, nothing is tangible. And the super obvious is I'm trying to do it ALL at once. Like I want to get skinny and save the world all on the same day in less than five minutes. My expectations are completely unreasonable.
So this year I'm not doing it. I'm not setting myself up for the mounting pressure followed by the inevitable failure.
Instead, I've decided I'm going to develop a daily schedule for myself that I stick to. My life is 100% winging it. Everything I do is winging it. I roll out of bed at all times of the day. Some days I workout in the morning, some days I work out at 10PM, a lot of days I just don't. Some days I find time to journal, some days I don't. My to do list is a floating list in my head & my schedule is all based on memory. Sometimes I remember, but most of the time I completely forget.
I'm hopeful by developing a schedule that it will basically turn into a routine and that that routine will bring a little bit of peace and order into my life.
So tell me, who's got a schedule that works? Who has tips for better time management? Who's got the tools to keep me organized? I need all of the help I can get!

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